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Why should you choose the Apprentice Academy?

Jumpstart your future plumbing career with our one-of-a-kind apprenticeship experience.

A flexible & fast-paced apprenticeship program designed to help you succeed.

The UPHCA Apprenticeship Academy is industry-driven and industry-sponsored. This means you will get on-the-job training through your employer/sponsor while enjoying the flexibility of a nationally, federally approved online curriculum that works with your schedule, plus labs with mentors who stretch your capabilities.

Program Highlights

Here’s just some of what the academy has to offer.

Open Enrollment

Students may enroll at any time. The program is designed to a 12-month calendar curriculum. You, your employer, and the UPHCA Apprentice Academy will be required to sign an agreement of accepted expectations for all parties.

Convenience & Flexibility

The curriculum is all online and can be accessed at anytime and anywhere to better meet the needs of the individual’s work schedule and personal time. There will be live webinars and in person lab experiences that will be required from all students.


This program is for individuals living anywhere in the state. They will be required to attend 6 labs during the year at a location that might require some traveling, however.

Self-Paced Learning

Those who have more experience or highly motivated can typically move through the curriculum at a quicker pace. For students who are unable to complete the coursework within a year, six-month extensions are available for an additional fee.

Individualized Mentoring & Coaching

The program is designed for the student to be successful with individualized help, encouragement, and monitoring. Only those individuals who are committed and have the motivation for this style of learning will be accepted into the program. The employer will also be part of this process. The instructors who are Master Licensed Professionals will be assigned to each student to assist, mentor, and monitor progress.

Invest In Yourself

On the surface the tuition seems more expensive, nevertheless when comparing the textbooks that are included and other incidental fees from other programs the potential student will find it comparable to other in classroom programs. When you also include the advantages listed the apprentice will receive a great value in their investment in this type of program.

With a plumbing career, you gain a set of lasting skills that will always be in demand.

Earn a great income that will provide for your needs and wants. Enjoy being out and about rather than stuck in a room or office. Plumbing is a respectable career option that will be something that you can take pride in!

Please Note: Students can transfer from other apprenticeship programs with approval. However, there is no mechanism for transfer to a technical college apprenticeship program once enrolled in the UPHCA Academy.

Ready to get started?

No need to wait for a semester break – our open enrollment means you can enroll at any time. Your career is waiting for you!